2 Reasons to Invest in Puppy Training Classes

If your vet has been urging you to take your puppy to puppy training classes but you're not sure how you or your pet would benefit from going to them, read on. Below you'll find some specific perks you could experience by attending these classes.

The things your puppy learns could help you to avoid having to make lots of visits to your vet

Many of the things that your puppy will learn in their training classes could stop you from having to make an excessive number of visits to your vet in the coming years. If for example, a puppy trainer teaches your puppy to come when you call, you can prevent accidents. For instance, if your puppy consistently returns to you when you call them whilst walking them off-lead, there will very little risk of them ever ignoring your command, running into traffic and getting hit when the two of you are walking near a busy road.

Likewise, if your puppy receives socialisation training at these classes, the chances of them starting fights with other dogs and being injured by these animals will be extremely low. Finally, if your puppy is taught to stop whatever they're doing when you say the word 'stop', the chances of them eating a toxic item that they've come across on the ground (like a discarded tub of weedkiller) will be lower. This will drastically reduce the number of urgent vet trips you have to make over the coming years.

The classes could help you to develop a better relationship with your pet

The other huge benefit that you're likely to experience if you heed your vet's advice to go to these training classes is that you will probably develop a much more positive relationship with your puppy. For example, if you are unable to control your pet and have to constantly battle with them to stop them from doing things like jumping on people who visit your home or grabbing food from the countertops, you will find it harder to bond with them, as you'll spend most of your time in their presence feeling frustrated, frightened or embarrassed by their behaviour.

However, if you invest in puppy training classes and your dog learns to listen to you and to obey you, your ability to get to know each other and to form a strong bond will not be impeded by your puppy's aggression, rebelliousness or inability to follow orders. Instead, you'll be able to have calm, happy and fun interactions with them.

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