Why You Need to Visit Your Vet While Your Dog or Cat Is Still Young

Raising a dog or cat from when they are a newborn is one of the most satisfying experiences you can go through. They are so small and innocent and you get to hold their little paw all the way through their life until you are both a couple of decades older (hopefully). However, before you start looking forward to all those happy memories you are going to create with your dog or cat, there are some practical matters you need to get hold of when they are still young, and none is more important than making sure they are spayed or neutered. 

Pet Desexing

A lot of states and territories in Australia actually have rules regarding dogs and cats being desexed before they mature enough to the point where they can reproduce. Even in states where there are no rules or regulations regarding this, it is the more humane thing to do for a whole bunch of reasons. Not only do dogs and cats that haven't been desexed get a lot more frustrated and aggressive as they grow older, but they are susceptible to a whole host of diseases relating to their reproductive organs that they do not have to suffer through. 

When to Do It

As mentioned above, before your pet matures to the point where they can start reproducing is ideal. This occurs differently in dogs and cats, but often it is within just a few months, so make sure to not delay at all. While your pet might need vaccines or medication as well, if you do not desex them before they reach sexual maturity then some of the risks associated with reproductive organs will always be there even after they get desexed. The real question isn't when to do it, but how soon can I book an appointment to get it done.

What It Entails

Pet desexing is a harmless and perfectly safe operation that is invasive but still has a very high success rate due to the frequency of which it is performed by vets. Your pet will be sore afterwards, and they may need some pain killers for a few days, but this is a small sacrifice for them to pay, and they will quickly get over the after-effects. Always make sure to go to a vet that has the facilities for pet desexing and call up beforehand to make sure they are ready for you. 

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